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Flamingo Garden Decor

The Girlanda Pot is a lovely bowl that features a decorative swag on the outside! This pot will make a wonderful addition to your garden decor, creating a beautiful home for your favorite plants and flowers. Enjoy the charm this planter will bring into...

On Sale $40.24 $34.99 - Click here to buy now!

Lion Pathway Statue Duo

Add distinction to your castle with the Lion Pathway Garden Duo! Two magnificent lions inquisitively paw at a small sphere while they stand guard. The polyresin finish gives these statues the look of beautiful polished stone. The Lion Pathway Statue Duo...

On Sale $169.04 $146.99 - Click here to buy now!

Regal Lion Garden Statue

Standing tall with his impressive paw resting atop a shield, the Regal Lion makes a bold statement! Inspired by centuries-old stone castle statues, this imperial statue is made of lightweight fiber resin with the look of natural stone. Turn your driveway...

On Sale $124.19 $107.99 - Click here to buy now!

Fabulous Flamingo Garden Statue

This Fabulous Flamingo Garden Statue takes fun to new heights! Bright pink sheet metal gives this whimsical garden accent realistic-looking feathers while his lanky legs ensure he gets noticed by everyone! Whether wandering your yard solo or placed among...

On Sale $47.14 $40.99 - Click here to buy now!

Snoozing Welcome Gnome

Soundly asleep, the Snoozing Garden Gnome naps comfortably on a carved welcome log. Lightweight, durable polystone ensures this gnome will sleep through all seasons weather. Laying down on the job has never looked so adorable! The Snoozing Welcome Gnome...

On Sale $34.49 $29.99 - Click here to buy now!

Babysitter Garden Gnome

All little ones need to be looked after, even gnomes! The Babysitter Garden Gnome is a grandfather happily taking on the role of babysitter. This gnome is made of durable, lightweight resin and is a great garden accent for your garden! This gnome is also...

On Sale $26.44 $22.99 - Click here to buy now!

Garden Gnome on Strike

What will the rest of his day bring? Bring him home to your garden and find out! The Garden Gnome On Strike measures 4 inches Wide (Left to Right), 9.25 inches Deep (Front to Back), 9 inches Tall. Weighs 1.58 pounds. The Garden Gnome On Strike is made...

On Sale $26.44 $22.99 - Click here to buy now!

Hammock Garden Gnome

After a busy day, this bearded fellow takes a well-deserved nap in the summer breeze. The Hammock Garden Gnome is made of durable polyresin and features bright colors and great attention to detail. Give this sleepy fellow a place to snooze in your yard...

On Sale $35.64 $30.99 - Click here to buy now!

Light-Up Fisherman Garden Gnome

He's caught a fish and he'll catch your eye! This Light-Up Fisherman Gnome sits on a sea-side mushroom and fishes the day away. The back of the mushroom contains a solar panel which soaks up sunlight all day so the fish can glow all night! The Light-Up...

On Sale $41.39 $35.99 - Click here to buy now!

Petal Pixie Solar Garden Statue

Everyone will stop to notice the Petal Pixie Solar Garden Statue, even the young fairy girl! Tiny solar lights tucked inside each flower bring the flowers to life after dusk. This statue is a beautiful garden accent during the day and after dark! The...

On Sale $75.89 $65.99 - Click here to buy now!

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